Friday, August 1


today is the day.
you know the one.
the first of the new month.
good morning, august.
oh, yes, indeed-
i said it.
the magic words that make the magic happen,
and cultivate coincidences,
and activate all the new hottness in F*ing full effect.
that's it-
rabbit, rabbit!
right out of my mouth and into the universe's secret plans.
i doo-doo that mystic sorcerer space-pizza jauns.
because i want all the good things,
and because i like repeating myself.
that's no joke.
august means we're staring down the barrel of the end of summer.
i know,
autumn isn't officially underway until september,
but back-to-school times cancel vacationy summer woodsly goodsliness
a well before labor day, anyway.
we're looking at the end of the big action as it still unfolds.
i think that means we're gonna need some cake, huh?
for sure.
check the brown-on-brown-on-brown-on-brown-type teleport:
cocoa ring cake!
with teentsy-weentsy chocolate chips in it, for extra chocolate in every bite.
that's melted chocolate ganache drizzled all over the top, too.
i'm rarely fooling around when it comes to cake an' that, kids-
this is no exception.
oh, and yes, those are chocolate cream chee' frosting swirly-blops
surrounding the interior and the perimeter, so that there is even MORE chocolate.
i take decadent bakery sexiness to eleven.
i HAVE to.
i'm sayin'-
too much is the right amount.
and that's the truth...
even as the warmth and the light runs out of the season, and the year,
we can't afford not to celebrate, friends.
august may be the end of the busy business times,
but today is still the first day.
and that's the luckiest, loveliest one.
there is always room for cake,
and there is always something to be commemorating.
that's real.
rabbit, rabbit.
that's the stuff.
i do what i do, duders.
routines are comforting,
and i like repeating myself.
i said that already?
i know;
never quiet, never soft.....

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