Wednesday, August 29


it's been the most batsh!t bananas (fruit bats, obvi) week.
and it's only wednesday!!
monday was a wild scramble to the finish line-
except the finish line kept moving a step or ten beyond wherever i was.
the day was long, the styles were hard, the times were tough,
and all of it seemed to continue on without end well into the wee hours of the a.m.,
which is to say, so late it was early.
that's no joke, and that's not cool.....
somewhere in there, despite the day being 92℉,
i still fired up the oven, twice, and brought the noise to the boys,
which is to say: crabtree and dylan,
while i sweat it out, and sweat bullets about everything else,
including how to lock up all the bullets.
i made flatbread buns,
i made tofu with herbs,
i used that custom homemade tomato sauuuuce,
and i heaped on an acre of leafy greenery to activate all the necessary nutrients.
i'm gonna have to ask you to check the teleport real quick:

the bread was expert.
the baked chee'-on-top blops were expert.
the secret onions on the bottom?
man, you already know.
that's my move, and i sweat my eyes out doing it, too.
do you see those fresh garden-plucked tomato slices?
roasted up with olive oil and black pepper and salt and rosemary?
F*ing elite.
and that exxxtra-firm af tofu,
with that very TILTY herb-crust?
y'all ain't ready, but here's the truth:
ground fennel seed, thyme, oregano, GPOP, pink salt, black pepper,
and non-GMO organic cornstarch-
fried in olive oil on high heat, giving no effs at all, until it was crisssssspy.
then, on parchment, in a FOUR-'UCKING-HUNNERD-DEGREE oven,
i baked 'em with that burly sauce,
and miyoko vegan magic mozzarella on top-
do you see those parsley spranks?
those are garden-fresh too, boo-boo.
if you measure spices, you're weird.
i just give em a shake-a-shake-a, and maybe a lil tappy-tap, and i'm all set.
try it.
you might be surprised at how good you are at it.
the bread was really good, too.
i confess i baked that in the early a.m., but still, it was ready for me when i got home,
and that's pretty cool, too.
1 1/2 cups flour;
1 tsp salt;
1 tsp sugar;
3 T olive oil;
1 pkg regular-ol' yeast, bloomed in
2/3 cup warm water;
kneaded together in your incomparably useful stand mixer, with the dough hook hookin'-
risen for thirty, shaped, re-risen for another 'other thirty,
then baked, at like 375℉, for like twenty five minutes.
that's a heck of a sandwich, man.
and you know what?
i LOVE sandwiches.
i really do.
so, i had the nourishment to make my night forge forward like a champ,
and i used that to do that, and make it all as nice as possible on short notice.
sweet, right?
i know!
and now i'm pressed for time again.
this blog, as it exists at the moment, may cease to do so, soon.
i just can't do twenty-hundred things at once.
we'll see how it goes,
but there's a diminished return on keeping in detached contact with a limited readership.
time will tell,
but right now, it's too busy running out;
never quiet, never soft.....

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