Wednesday, May 16


may is half over?
seriously, the days have blurred together,
the nights have passed in a flash,
with little sleep, less rest, and no comfort...
and now, just like *that*-
we're here.
the second half of the very merry month.
it's too soon to be this late in the year.
i s'pose that's the thing about working every day:
the days all start too look more and more alike-
although, the greenery in the scenery has exploded exponentially,
and there's less to see for all the leaves that're showing off on branches, b.
that's pretty neat.
all this woodsly goodsly life moving on and up is cheerful,
even if every flippin' day feels the same at first.
i'll take it,
and i'll smell the flowers as the blossom and bloom in sequence outside my windows;
i'll watch these peewees remake their annual nests above my entryway;
i'll walk the long way home from the hilltops with crabtree,
and we'll make the most of doing our best with the increased light,
no matter how heavy it feels.
and there will be tacos on tuesdays, neighbors.
that's a thing.
and you'd best believe it won't be some bummer-A* box-mix bullsh!t, either.
only that new hottness, with exxxtra deliciousness is what i have to offer.
the days may feel similar,
but the meals are as unique as thumbprints, bro.
check the teleport:

soft flour, as always, because those are the good kind.
shredded cabbage, radishes, sweet peppers, red onions, jalapenos, scallions, and cilantro.
that's the crawnchy portion of the program.
quick-fast fire-roasted tomato salsa?
that's part two, but it's numero uno in tastiness.
for realsies, a good salsa will make or break the meal, man.
this one definitely hit me with the upgrade.
15 oz fire roasted tomatoes, juice drained;
3 cloves garlic;
1/2 tsp ea GPOP;
1 jalapeno, seeds in;
1/3 red onion;
1/4 cup sweet baby red peppers;
1/2 bunch cilantro;
2 T scallion greens;
pink salt, black pepper, and the juice of a lime.
food processed until it's all uniformly chunky,
and allowed to marinate, or more likely, get devoured,
while the other stuff gets ready.
... and dammmmmmmmmmmn, it's expert.
you're gonna wanna put it on everything.
...and nobody can stop you, either.
then there's roasty chili potatoes, b!!!!!!!!!!!tches!
...and potatoes, on tacos, is now super-officially a great idea.
no joke.
these chippers were the F*ing TRUTH.
two potatoes, halved and sliced thick,
olive oiled, and tossed in smoked hot paprika, salt, pepper, and cumin,
arranged evenly-spaced on parchment,
and baked in a preheating oven as it approached 450℉.
when it's hot, they're ready.
crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, smoky and spicy and elite to eleven.
not everybody has to be all about chili potatoes,
but anybody who isn't has just outed themselves as a total A*-hole.
wordimus prime.
last up, we got ourselves some spring onions, chick peas, and pumpkin seeds,
with olive oil, cayenne, black pepper,
and the previously-reserved fire-roasted tomato juice.
sauteed until the liquid is gone,
then activated with a glug of agave to make it sexxxy.
tacos on a tuesday.
imagine that.
and then sunshine and sweetness
and all of that sort of stuff followed us immediately afterwards.
no foolin',
the whole day was a bummer of rainy downpours,
until the tacos showed up.
then, it was just right for a little bit of dog-walkin' in the village.
crabtree really likes going into town for a walk.
i mean,
he really gets psyched to pee on all that other stuff.
and when the rain makes some of those smells disappear?
it's like it's all suddenly brand-new stuff to pee on!
we find our joy where we can.
if he gets taken care of correctly, and his dumb little brain is occupied,
and he gets to span time outside, being social, and publicly urinating on private property,
then somehow, that implies that i've done my job.
it's easy, really.
y'just do the things that make sense.
it's impossibly more difficult with people.
i can't for the life of me figure out what makes sense with 'em-
so, they're not invited for a while...
it's me and my little milky boi making sense,
and the rest will git it in where it fits in;
never quiet, never soft..... 

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