Thursday, October 11

TART a.k.a short pie!

you get apples at fall-time,
because apples show up at fall-time.
and now, just like that, you've got alllllll these apples-
what do you do?
you eat 'em.
apples are delicious, except, ironically red delicious.
i have been making the most of the local apple harvest,
and recently,
i went into some gluten-free fanciness, and it turned out better than i'd imagined it would.
(and i had a high degree of confidence)
wanna see?
check the teleport:

that's basically an apple pie, but in a shallow tart tin, instead.
y'like that crust?
yeah, me too. it's some expert activated cookieish dough, yo.
here's the recipe.
now, if your oven is hot enough, say- 380℉,
and your apples are pre-stewed ...which they always are (rules is rules).
then you can bake this up in like 20 minutes.
the apples?
i had four of 'em,
peeled, cored, chopped, and dropped into a medium-sized pot,
with a pat or two of vegan butter,
loads of cinnamon,
a heap of dark brown sugar;
a splash of vanilla;
a glug of real new hampshire maple syrup,
and a handful of quick oats-
when they were softened, i set 'em aside, and let 'em thicken up-
easy. easy. SO easy, actually, that you'd have thought it was sunday morning.
fancied up crust, rolled out between sheets of parchment,
and braided and leafy-cut-out, and all of that-
i'm sayin'-
a pretty piece of sweetness is twice as good as an ugly one.
that's no joke.
the crust is crisp. the apples are soft, but thick, and together, they're buttery, and cinnamony,
and totally F*ing awesome.
i'm sometimes surprised at how easily these things come together.
especially considering that they're just fabricated out of thin air.
....and twenty-hundred kinds of gluten free flour.
good food, without harming anybody, or anything, is a special thing.
i don't want the chemicals and the carcinogens and the colon-clogging and the cholesterol
and the cardiovascular crap that comes from animal tissue and fats-
more importantly, to me, i don't want to hurt animals.
i can't help it.....i'm sensitive.
so, i do my part to use what i know to do what feels right to me.
that's all i can do, right?
i hope it's enough, but it never feels like it.
i'm gonna keep creating these things.
i'm gonna keep doing my thing.
maybe it's a positive influence on my surroundings?
definitely it's a positive outcome for my face and my body.
what i know to be true, and what i do about it, are defining traits.
i care, a LOT, and i couldn't stop even if i tried.....
but, stopping caring is like stopping breathing-
for the whole wide world, i made this choice, 22 years ago,
and i'm still here, sincere, after all the F*ing years.
thanks for reading, neighbors;

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