Monday, October 1


all the best things are right now, y'all.
site-specific and seasonally appropriate and totally expert!
fall foliage!
it's all really happening, and that's the whole point!!
but before all the bestest and most awesome stuff unfolds upwards and outward
from this fresh-to-death Folk Life epicenter, there's something that has to happen first.
rules is rules.
the magic words will set you up and set your sh!t in motion, man-
you know 'em, and you like 'em,
and you should really try to make it happen.
i did.
that's my spellcasting blast to start each and every first of the month-
what's the move?
it's to purse your lips and spit those enscorcelled syllables, son:
rabbit! rabbit!
cultivating coincidence and fomenting favorable fortune like a champion.
that's it!
i hope your month is a magnificent one.
i hope mine is too.
i made brekkie, broski.
that big B, big boi!!!
gluten-free, and fat af, just how i like it.
check the teleport:

those waffles were heavy.
i went wrong, a little, and overdid the oats.
those were crispy, but they weighed as much as manhole covers.
i still ate 'em, and had room for more of everything as well.
that's me, neighbors- i can always fit more.
too much is the right amount, and i'm not just sayin' it, i'm livin' it.
...the syrup is real new hampshire maple,
since i'm a real new hampshire man,
and not some corn syrupy A*-hole, y'feel me?
the potatoes are skin-on red jauns,
with GPOP and onion and pink salt and black pepper,
with smoked and sweet paprika turning them colorful....
i cubed up three 'tatoes,
and coated them in olive oil,
and dusted them with Garlic Powder and Onion Powder in a small pan,
and baked them from a cold start in an oven preheating to 375℉,
until they were golden-
then i added a quarter of a sweet onion, and those spices, and fried 'em up on the stovetop
until everything was even crispier and crunchier and better than ever.
nobody likes weak homeboyfries, guys.
remember that.
the scrambo?
man, that sh!t is a miracle!
half a block of exxxtra-firm tofu, crombled in a pan,
with onion, peppers, tomatoes, and spinach,
plus turmeric, smoked paprika, nootch, salt, pepper, and GPOP???
damn, dudes.
that stuff always gives me the feels.
and last but not least?
those waffles.
gf oats and all those weird flour blends,
plus coconut milk powder,
and raw sugar,
and melted vegan butter,
and all that bullsh!t.......
they were almost more waffle than the iron could deal with,
but it managed, and i managed,
and i munched 'em up....
and now we're here.
in october.
in the F*ing rain.
doing all the things that people do when they LOVE fall,
and hallowe'en,
and all things excellence and autumnal.
i'm excited, and that's a fact.
happy first of the month, friends;

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