Sunday, September 30


i had a minute, and i made a thing.

yes, that's romaine and cilantro and cukes and radishes and carrots on the side.
a.k.a. salad, bro.
it's good for you, and it goes great with spicy hot noods, dudes.
for real.
and there's a cooked veggie component to the dish that really turns up the taste-
that's peppers and celery and onion and spinach and carrot and cilantro and basil,
all seared and sizzled in a splash of sesame oil, until barely soft.
that's key here.
no mushy veggies.
we've got soft, supple rice noods to fill those blanks in, buddy.
word up.
i mean,
spicy stir fry is pretty effing simple.
it's ALL in the sauce, after all.
and as long as you can do a 1:1:1:1:1 ratio
of soy/rice wine vinegar/sweetness (in this case mae ploy)/and ho'sauce (sriracha, obvi),
and chili garlic paste for the win......
you're good.
i also added lime juice.
and coriander and dry basil and dry ginger and GPOP, of course.....
i'm all about the spices and the heat and the hottness and the mutha-lickin' noods....
it's the best way to activate a cold night,
and turn up the boomfire for your tum and your bum.
....and then, of course, there's tofu.
because too much is the right amount,
and those crispy coconut oil jauns are so awesome, they've GOT to be included.
rules is rules.
make some stir fry.
you'll be so happy you did.
just make it up with whatever yo have on hand.
and fry it,
and stir it,
and be psyched.
if there is one great thing about today, neighbors, it's this:
the fryeburg fair is poppin' as of now!!
the blue-ribbon classic is back in action,
and that means that at some point this week,
i'm gonna have to get disgusting on a big ol' burly batch of new england's
most elite and delicious falafel wizardry,
courtesy of the falafel mafia.
i dunno!
but i'll be there, for sure.
maybe on feel awful falafel friday?
that sounds like a plan to me, man.
i'm super ready for it.
this is it, kids.
the last day.
september went by in a blur.
a whirlwind maelstrom of swirling sands spiraling down the hourglass....
it seems like it just started, but it's already all over.
the time was spanned with a whole lotta love and luck,
and a smattering of Folk Life & Liberty, too.
it went fast, it went hard, and it went in every direction....
that's normally considered chaos, right?
this time it's not chaotic, it's exploratory.
we're all figuring out how we fit together as a team.
breezy, embry, cohen, cali, crabtree, and i.
that's a slew of savage stormswept lightning-striking viking temperaments to manage,
and the biggest of us are every bit as much of a hard-headed ham-fisted handful
as the tremendous two-year old and that terrible terrier....
the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress is full.
(although there will always be room for at least a couple-two/three more)
september saw us get into a routine.
october will see us get so much better and more efficient with it.
i'm excited for the unfolding future that's been racing up to meet us,
and i'm just as excited for the time we've been given to span together.
it's all really happening,
and it's only going to get more expert as we hold each other's hands
and walk forward into tomorrow like a big ol' batch of champions;

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