Monday, December 3


what? another 'nother SNOW DAY?!
we've got precipitation ploppin' down in huge wet gouts of frosty frozen crystal calamity.
y'know what that means, don't you?
anything could happen.
rules is rules.
and we're already deep into the realm of possibility, as it snows all the effing time up here.
that's real.
the woodsly goodness is getting soaked with slush and snow and sleet and sh!t,
and the big plus to that is the possibilitarian power of snow day magic.
mostly, though, i just bake a lot.
that's the truth.
check the teleport:

that's gluten-free chocolate chip melt-in your mouth crissssspy jauns, to be more precise.
and precision wheatless snowflake cookie hottness
is where my sunday morning was the most at ease, if you please.
real talk.
making some cookies made my damned day, duders.
y'want the deets?

preheat your oven to 375℉
in a medium-sized metal (aesthetic) mixing bowl, combine:
1 stick vegan butter ( 8 T );
1/2 tsp salt;
2 tsp vanilla;
3/4 cup brown sugar;
1/4 cup sugar;
once thoroughly creamed, add:
1 cup mama's gf almond-meal flour;
1/3 cup crushed dried unsweetened coconut;
1 cup bob's ap gf baking blend;
1 tsp xantham gum;
2 T tapioca;
1/3 cup gf oat flour;
1/2 pkg mini vegan choco-chips;
1 tsp ea bakey powder and soda;
2 T agave;
1/3+ cups almond-coconut blend s'milk.
thoroughly combine to form a slightly-sticky dough,
and roll to 1/4" thickness between two large pieces of parchment, or possibly plastic wrap.
cut your shapes, in this case, the site-specific snowflakes,
and bake them all, evenly arranged on trays, for 11 minutes.
i got 5 dozen, you may get more, or less, it doesn't matter.
they're so crisssssssspy, but they dissolve in your mouth the minute they touch your tongue.
that's expert af, buddy.
for really real.
you can see i hooked 'em up with a little baby bit of ka-powdered sugary spranks
once they cooled. ...and why would i do anything less?
MORE hottness is always welcome here.
a good cookie on a cold wet day is the right answer.
i feel as though i intuitively knew what to do to make the morning better-
and it worked.
cookies, though. i bet i tuned up eight or more as the day passed by.
i regret not one bite.
all that good stuff belongs in my F*ing mouth,
and i'm fueled by the power and the perfection of my own process.
i like that.
and i do that.
next up: something with tomatoes.
i'm oven roasting a coupe cups of 'em right now.
sauce? maybe.
for what, though?
i dunno yet.
but, oven roasted tomatoes are rad, and i prefer rad food to bad food always.
i've been tattooing a whole lotta dudes.
maybe i'm the dude-tatts guy, now?
if that's what's up, then so be it.
black and grey, and SO many american flags-
it's what i do, now, i s'pose.
there's always cookies to munch up during the breaks, tho, and that helps a lot.
i am grateful as F*, for the record, for the folks coming in to AMPERSAND TATTOO.
it's awesome to go to work with my good friend tron,
and hang out drawing pictures and talking sh!t every day-
plus we got the best hangaround guys in the business, and that's a fact.
i mean, maybe y'all talk about sourdough bread and vegan wheatballz
all the time at your work, wherever that may be;
but up here in the semi-remote woodsly goodness it's a rarity and an anomaly,
so i'm counting all my days as gigantic victories, and that's no joke.
i'm grateful for what's going on,
and i'm trying to stay psyched on tattzappin' all the dudes in the whole world
with half-sleeves of black and grey all day every day.
there are worse ways to make a buck, and i'd prefer not to experience those firsthand;
never quiet, never soft.....

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