Sunday, December 2


december! that's what i've been waiting for.
y'know what i think is pretty dope about the last month of the year?
everybody has all their lights on all the time;
house lights, christmas lights, tree lights-
even at night, it's not nearly as dark as it might be.
and also, everybody is out and about, doing holiday sh!t,
which means everywhere in the woodsly goodness is bustling and bumpin',
and that makes the deepest darkness come to life.
sure, it's F*ing snowing right now, and that's not the most fun,
but it freshly coats all the browned-out bummerslush with new pure beauty,
and that's pretty good news.
the mountainous vale i live in should look pretty;
i mean, if it's gonna be an hour from everywhere, it had better be worth it, right?
it is.
and what's the very first thing i did when the calendar and the clock flipped the script,
and the new hottness was finally underway?
man, c'mon-
rules is rules.
i said the magic words that summon all the spirit and memory, man.
you know how i doo-doo that freaky sh!t.
i said the thing you say to focus and channel all the excellence at your face.
rabbit! rabbit!
and what did i do to start my morning off like a raging stormswept lightning striking
berserker barbarian warrior poet of wintry wealth and warmth?
man, i made some muh-fuhhh'n BREFFAST!
heck yes i did.
check the teleport:

i got tofu scrambo going hard.
i got too-crisp potatoes.
i got all the leaves an' sprankles.
i got chick-pea crepes, off teh cuff and on the fly, guy.
you know what i'm on about, neighbors-
that's morning glory for my mouth and my bellyhole. was a success, too.

ok, also, i have some vegan bacon strips on there, and those probably have wheat in 'em,
but everything else is celiac friendly, for sure.
there's mesclun mixed greenery, and shredded purple cabbage, and clinatro.
there's scallions and pea shoots.
i tossed a sliced radish on there, and that was a great move.
the potatoes were overbaked.
i was busy upstairs doing important things,
and the potatoes were neglected.
they were verrrrry crOnchy, indeed.
the scrambo was righteous, though-
heat up a 8" pan, and drilzzle some olive oil on there, to saute:
1/2 block cubed exxxtra-frim tofu,
2 T chopped onion;
2 T shredded carrot;
1 cup grape tomatoes, halved;
nootch, GPOP, smoked paprika, black pepper, and pink salt, in order of quantity;
and baby spinach to activate all the expert nutrients.
yum the F* up, bro, that's how you scram it like a champ.
and the crepes were wonderful, too.
and effortless, really.
soy milk, chick pea flour, tapioca, bob's gf al-purpose baking flour, salt, and chia/flax meal.
i mean, really, friends-
i had 2/3 cup flour, total, and maybe a cup of soymilk, a tablespoon of tapioca,
and a tablespoon of the ground flax jauns-
it's just wet batter and hot pans and a spin or two to do what needs doin'.
i like that.
the crepe technique is super easy, and i will document it for y'all sooner than later.
i will be making more like this in the future for brekkie.
that's the truth.
we're here, in december, and that's where i like to be.
i'm gonna get my XI-mas shoppin' poppin,
and i'm even, it seems, gonna need to activate some christmas shopping, too.
i know, they seem like the same thing....
but they're not.
christmas is for santa and little kids and happy hot cocoa times by the fire an' that.
the other keeps the X in Xmas, but then turns it up to eleven.
the important part is that all the kids feel important.
back in the olden days, my father would always say: christmas is for little kids.
he wasn't coming through with the extravagant presents,
and he certainly wasn't getting presents from us.
it never occurred to me that adults have ALL the pressure to provide a prefect experience,
with nearly no return on that investment.
i wasn't ever on board with that, and i'm still not.
i LOVE the holidays.
i do.
and i love 'em for all the panache and pageantry,
and not because of any sort of soul-stomping familial enfilade around the tree. 
on the ones: i don't give a flying flip about the 'reason' for the season, either.
i'm not with that religious noise.
it's cool that saints and saviors started a lotta stuff, but we're living in the future, folks.
and in the future, it's all about lights and heat and science and sh!t...
but, i DO love the holidays.
i reallllly really do.
the thing is, it's all about the process for me.
selecting, shopping, wrapping, presenting.....
and all that FOOD, dudes.
maybe this year i'll have the eleven days of XI-mas again,
and get freaky-diki with all the cookies you could ever want.
yeah, that sounds good to me;
never quiet, never soft.....

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