Monday, December 3


tinier corn tortillas?
i dunno, man.
at first, i wasn't on board.
i mean, they're smaller, which means you should only be able to fit less on 'em,
and that's never invited to the taco party, neighbors.
no way.
i prefer to employ a Positive Mental Attitude,
and when i applied that to these 'street food' sized jauns
i came up with two plus-side effects of using slightly littler circles-
1. they look way fuller, which looks way better.
f'real, nobody likes a skimpy-A* taco, do they? no way.
2. when they aren't as big, you can eat MORE.
that's expert,
because too much is the right amount.
i always want exxxtra tacos, anyway, and now, it's not even weird to increase intake by 50%.
yuuuup, that's my sh!t right there, man.
check the teleport:

yeah, kids-
sweet potato, purple brussies, tomatoes, cilantro, pickled jalapeno, fried garlic,
red onion sprankles, and rainbow pepper-packed rice-
oh, and texas-style ho'sauce, too, because i F* with that in these streets, son.
and that's no joke.
simple? sorta.
filling? certainly.
dope? c'mon, kid, what are you? an A*-hole?
don't be dumb....of course they're dope as hell, duh.
the rice is fluffy light jasmine long grains,
with minced red, yellow, orange, and poblano pepper,
and little bit of red onion, plus a pinch of very-finely chopped cilantro stems,
and a heavy squeeze of lime to activate any latent hottness still trapped within.
those sweet potatoes? olive oil, and a hot pan, and payed attention.
and a shake of salt and pepper to turn 'em up.
i'm sayin', they're just half-slabs of potato, but they're magic when you add everything else.
i got fried garlic sprankles stashed everywhere around
the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress, friends.
that's true.
i love 'em, and they come in useful alllll the frickin' time.
just like they were useful this time.
that's a thing.
and those brussies?
pan-fried in a 6" pan for five minutes to get 'em a lil crisp on the outer leaves,
before adding a splish-splash of lime and water, and lidding the whole thing
to steam their delicate interiors to perfect softness.
damn, dudes.
that's beautiful.
add tomatoes, cilantro, and pickled jalapenos, and you're a F*ing wheatless wizard,
reppin' street-style circular sexxxiness in a sextet for your own single self.
that's how you doo-doo the most awesomeness in taco format,
despite them being slightly diminutive discs.
word up.
the holiday is upon us.
my time is not mine to enjoy.
i've got metallic foil wrappy-wrappin' papers everywhere,
i've got scented tea-light add-in upgrades to my boxes,
and bows like you already knows waiting to activate all of that level-eleven
elevated memory-makin' XI-mas magic, man.
that's what i DO.
but, it takes up a LOT of time, even when you're just getting clickety-clicky
with the internet.
on the ones, the out box is going harder than there is income to allot for that, for sure.
accounting is not as much fun as counting up the tall piles of presents.
no shystie piles, bro.
that's not invited to my holiday tree.
if you're about it, be about it,
if you're not, you've gotta get into it or get lost.
rules is rules,
and there's not enough time to waste any on anybody who isn't ready to take it
to the upper decks and outer limits of child-friendly holiday flavor.
be dope, of F* off.
everything else is just noise;
never quiet, never soft.....

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