Sunday, March 10


blue is a terrible paint color.
i dunno if i'm just naturally averse to it,
or if i'm maybe just bad at adapting to new sh!t (ok, there's no maybe to that),
but blue gives me a hard time.
which is why i went back down to 3" size for my in-between appointments
half hour art-making session:

i'll F* with a blue period, if it's thirty minutes, and that's all.
i swear that the interface between real life, my phone,
and this screen i'm typing on creates three very vastly and drastically
different views of all these skulls i've been amassing.
i'd prefer you see 'em in person,
as the gallery wall at AMPERSAND TATTOO
is gettin' pretty frickin' good-lookin' the fuller it gets.
there's likely to be a short lull in skulls,
as i've got things to do and places to be for a few days in a row.
i won't stop, i'm just going to pause for a minute,
and resume my mission with renewed intensity after the break.
i'll be ready to run out the last of these wooden studies,
and then move forward to something that maybe has more meat on it's bones.
never quiet, never soft.....

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