Thursday, March 21


how did you celebrate spring?
well, up here in the woodsly goodness,
i had pizza for breakfast, buddy.
check it out:

i had some elite dough proofing all morning, on that fluffy-type sh!t.
that's key, to me, for a good grammie jaun.
2 cups of bread flour;
2 tsp sea salt;
1 cup warm water, with 1 tsp raw sugar, and 1 1/2 tsp bread machine yeast stirred in;
1 pkg active dry yeast-
all kneaded for 11 minutes in my true aide-de-camp: the kitchen-aid stand mixer,
with affixed dough hook attachment engaged.
i let it pop off for half an hour, then arranged it in my oiled nana-pan,
so it could puff up like a focaccia papa.
and it was goooooood.
i caramelized a sweet onion,
i grated some miyoko mozz', and MINCED the daiya mozz',
a bunch of each,
and i freaked it off with a rich and luxuriously thick cooked sauce.
i prefer a cooked sauce on my siciliano stuff.
a quick and easy sauce, never the same way twice, is molto molto nicey-nice.
that's a thing.
i used whole baby grape tomatoes in this one,
and caramelized onion and garlic,
a little balsamic vinegar, all the right herbs and spices,
crushed tomatoes, nootch, time and love.
i dunno what i was doing when i did it,
but i know that whatever i did was the right thing to do.
and that pepperoni on top?
that's the big action.
it starts from scratch with a batch of vegan sausages.....
sift together:
1 cup wheat gluten;
2 T tapioca starch;
3 T chick pea flour;
1 T nootch.
1 1/4 tsp GPOP;
1 tsp oregano, basil, thyme, dry parsley; sage; dry mustard, fennel seed; smoked paprika;
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes, rosemary, black pepper;
i also added 1 T fresh chopped italian flat leaf parsley, too. 
set all that aside, and then...
in a 1 quart saucepot, with 1 T hot olive oil, on medium-high heat, saute:
1/4 cup finely chopped onion;
2 cloves crushed garlic-
let the onions get translucent
1/2 cup red lentils;
1 tsp nootch;
3 dashes liquid smoke;
1/2 tsp smoked paprika;
1 T tamari;
black pepper;
pour over 1 1/4 cup vegetable broth.
cover, reduce the heat to the higher side of low,
and simmer it all, maybe adding a lil more water,
until those lentils are mushy.
add the mush to the dry stuff. adding a touch more olive oil,
and maybe a small splash of tamari if it seems that little baby bit too dry.
stir it together, mash it into a dough, and knead it up as best you can, into a tight ball.
pull off chunks, to make links of sausage the size you'd like
mine are like 4-5 inches, by 1" thick.
i roll 'em, dunk em in water, and wrap them tiiiiiight in foil,
twisting then ends to hold them firmly in shape.
(if i wasn't so inneffective at time management in the moment,
i'd document what i'm writing about, so you could see it better than just imagining it)
i got ten perfectly perfect links from this one recipe's dough,
and that's good for a week of sausagey somethin' for me...
now y'gotta steam 'em up, turning them every ten minutes,
for like half an hour at least.
but for no more than 45 minutes, or they'll get all dry and not dope.
y'wanna know the technique to turn these baseline all-purpose sausages into
super-expert pizzatime pepperoni?
slice up a couple of links, and arrange them in a pan that'll hold 'em all,
single-layered,with a glug of olive oil and a cup of broth.
add 1/2 tsp smoked HOT paprika, black pepper, and a shake of GPOP,
plus a dash of tamari and a drop of liquid smoke.
all you need is heat from there-
the wet part will absorb into those discs of goodness,
and then the oil will cook 'em up some once they're hydrated.
this is the stuff.
it seems like it's work, and it is,
but it works so good you've got to try it at least once.
that's real.
i don't want the simulations from the store anymore.
no way.
the real-real homemade intentionally excellent from-scratch masterwork
that happens here in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress test kitchen laboratory is
too damned dope to deny, and even more delicious than anything i get in a box.
i baked it until it was big and burly at 485℉,
for however many minutes that took.
i wasn't counting, but it wasn't super-quick-
i like the crust to be darkish, and firm at the corners,
so there's not much floppy sloppiness-
although this was one heavy set of squares, to be fair.
and after a minute,
i topped it off with that peppery crisp arugula, to make it especially awesome.
i mean, y'gotta, y'know?
seriously, if you aren't gonna do it right, don't do it, dammit.
spring pizza, first thing in the morning?
don't mind if i do.
and we did.
and that's how you ring in a season righteously.
i'm over here having pizza for breakfast.
i'm over here having whirlwind visits with longtime friends.
i'm over here celebrating spring and getting ready for babies and sh!t.
life is beautiful.
life is a struggle.
life is a beautiful struggle.
that's word;
never quiet, never soft.....

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