Monday, March 25


even when i don't really feel like cooking,
i still do it.
and when i'm kind of worn out, and a little bit (read: a LOT) sleepy?
i need to wake the heck up,
and nothing boosts up alertness like a hot and fiery batch of fuego noods!
check it:
it's a rainbowl of heat and hurt for my head.
i overloaded the chili paste with my clumsy post-all-day-tattoo fingers fumbling.
is this gluten-free?
that's homemade seitan on there, and that's pure wheat, man.
otherwise, the sauce, the stir-fry, and the rice noodles are all good to go.
this is a meal in five parts, really.
y'gotta boil up those thin rice vermicelli jauns, and rinse 'em.
y'gotta make a sauce!
y'gotta get your veggies ready.
y'gotta do that seitan thang....
and then y'gotta turn it up to eleven with that sexxxy-sex, bruh.
those leafy sprankles are where it's at.
without 'em, you've just got a lot of orange-hued heat.
so the sauce is simple, and maybe you're a hot-head to the max 
and won't mind all the chili in it- otherwise, use less, duh.
2 T oelek chili paste;
1 T tamari;
1 T rice vinegar;
1 tsp sriracha;
1 T agave;
1/2 tsp GPOP;
1/4 tsp ground coriander seed;
and black pepper.
^ right? easy, and hot, and full of flavor.
i used grape tomatoes, carrot, minced cilantro stems, a whole bunch of chopped scallions,
one humongous clove of sliced garlic, 
and a 1 1/2" chunk of slivered skin-on organic ginger,
and doused 'em in that hot sauce in a tablespoon of raw coconut oil.
i gave it a lil minute to steam up and saute, before i added the noodles, 
and stirred it all around.
the seitan got some teriyaki-style sesame-tamari-soy sauce,
just plain ol' sizzled up in a pan.
i don't always feel like getting out-of-control complicated.
instead, i just add more stuff.
* when i boiled the noodles, i also tossed in a handful of baby brussels sprouts.
i mean, c'mon- i do love little baby cabbages.
and lastly, the rawness of a vegetable rainbow to make it pretty.
shredded purple cabbage? yep.
lettuce? for sure.
radishes? absolutely.
pea shoots? you bet.
scallions? heck yeah.
cilantro? word.
jalapeno slices? s'hot.
micro-emm'F*ing-greens? WOOOOO.
too much is the right amount for sprankles.
that's probably good, right?
decorative noodle accoutrements are ON the list.
i ate it.
i sweat a little.
my nose was running.
but i liked it a whole bunch.
i'm doing what i can to get psyched on cooking again.
i've been consistently busy at the studio, 
with a few days of non-stop open-to-close tattooing doing a number on my hands.
when i get home from a day of motormouth entertaining 
and art-makey performance, i'm actually tired.
like, it's almost as if i had a real job, that required me to work and stuff.
i mean, i don't, so that's cool, but it feels tiring, which is new.
i guess i'm just finally getting actually old
how about that?
what's good today?
MORE of all of it.
i've got sourdough pizza dough on the counter proofing.
it could be a homemade vegan pepperoni jaun,
it might be an eggplant-activated experience,
it might even be both,
but no matter what, it's all really happening;
never quiet, never soft.....

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