Sunday, March 10


the thing about fancy dough is it behaves like a temperamental jerk more often than not.
that's for real, man.
i had a batch of the fanciness proofing sloooooooow as molasses all day,
and it still underperformed until it hit the oven.
oh, right.
man, i made myself a consolation pizza.
like, a saturday night special one-
with fancy dough, which was NOT as elite as i'd have liked.
in a pan, greased up with vegan butter, and ready to rock and roll,
only with a tiny teeny little bit of both, instead of teh loud, fresh, hardness
that i'd hoped for.
check it:

so the sausage recipe is here.
the rest is pretty straightforward.
olive-oiled slices of potato pre-roasted in the preheating oven,
until they were just on the right side of golden.
minced daiya AND so delicious non-dairy mozzarella,
red onion shards,
and sliced baby grape tomatoes, too.
fried garlic sprankles, naturally, because rules is rules.
and parsley to make it prettier fresh out of the oven.
the only real big difference was that i *thought* the dough would be better.
it was good.
in fact, it was crispy in all the right ways....
but, for all the fire-roasted tomato flakes and cracked black pepper and olive oil
i added, i had higher hopes for how it looked and how it tasted.
it's like this:
the oven was hot at 485℉,
with convection circulation giving it a little exxxtra hottness;
the dough was simple, save for all those sprankles.
and it just sort of acted like regular dough,
only all that oil gave it some crisssspness.
crisp is good, but i wanted BIG FLAVOR.
and all i got was normal-sized flavor.
maybe it was the absence of sauce?
i dunno.
the potatoes were magical, and that gave me a lot of good feelings,
but i think i might've been determined to be disappointed?
that's possibly a thing.
do it.
you will be happier as a person.
you'll look cooler, and feel better.
do yourself a favor, and make a pizza.
it's what you need.
we're in the future.
daylight savings.
like, we lost an hour of sleep,
but it'll be brighter than it was a little later on.
that's cool, right?
ummmmmm, sure.
time travel and less morning to do things with?
sign me up.
i'm getting as ready as i can for today, but it feels like i'm rushing,
and i already know i'll be late for everything except my end of the day appointments,
which aren't starting until we're almost closed, anyway.
one brighter, but worse day, coming right up;
never quiet, never soft.....

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