Thursday, July 4


it's just toast......but better.
i mean, c'mon- avocado toast is good stuff,
and if you have a LOT of avocado?
well, then you're probably having a good time, y'know?

homemade sourdough toast!
mashed ripe avocado!
cilantro leaves.
fire-roasted tomato flakes.
crawnchy radishes.
thin-sliced purple carrot.
blackened halved baby sweet grape tomatoes.
and agave-glazed pepitas...
when you can combine that many tasty things it'll always be expert.
the bread is what makes it really great.
that's real.
good bread makes better people,
and it certainly makes or breaks an epic breakfast snack too.
if you're the kind of person who eats things with your mouth?
you should probably try some of this.
it's basically made to go in there;
never quiet, never soft.....

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