Monday, July 8


breezy is thirty-three today!!
that's an eleven year, y'know?
and that means that the big action, and the big love,
and the huge heart exxxplosions of good feelings start right now,
and go on all frickin' year.
that's what that means, man, and rules is rules so we've gotta make it magical.
or else.
luckily, there's a whole year of swirling, unfurling whirlwind romance to be had.
we can pace ourselves.

i'm making a second sweet gluten-free treat for my tasty lady-
i do that.
and it's her berfday, bruh.
y'gotta have a treat on your berfday....or else.
we've had a wild year-
from simple chats with an old friend reconnected with,
to the first kisses,
to *¡surprise!* little baby lilli arriving with the surgical-strike quickness
of cupid's laser-guided arrow.
we've had the back and the forth of a hundred years,
and the lakes and the mountains,
and all the seasons,
and a big ol' blended familytime.
...i mean, daaaaaaaaamn, dudes.
that's a lot to undertake in such a short time,
but, when you've got an electromagnetic connection to another human being,
that current pulls you towards your superconductin' ironclad heart-partner.
there's no gettin' away from it.
and so, here we are, kids.
a couple of warrior poets celebrating the anniversary of her big debut.
i say happy freakin' berfday, and i mean it.
i'm happy about it.
i'm overjoyed about the person i span time with.
smart, and funny, and (too) strong, and opinionated,
and familiar and new and exciting,
and comforting and aggravating and all the things you'd expect from an
evenly-matched other-half plus all the turbo-mega-hottness that makes my head get dizzy.
i've only had the pleasure of one full year,
which comprises just two birthy days so far,
but i know there's more where that came from.
happy birthday to my favorite fiery raging stormswept pajama mama.
i've got heart eyes about it;
never quiet, never soft.....

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