Sunday, July 21


the eye of the tiger.
the thrill of the fight.
the smell of marijuana.
sometimes, people who LOOOOVE weed
forget that new hampshire isn't a fully-legal state,
and also those very same people couldn't possibly guess
that just because we're tattooers, we might not actually want to be
the stonery stone-zoners who condone or endorse that sh!t.
nobody is out here getting free tattoos, neighbors.
so i still got paid to zipzap up a tiger face,
even if AMPERSAND TATTOO had that skunky-skunk stink
for an hour after the eye of the tiger blinked and left.

not half bad, really.
that's an actual tiger that the client actually knows.
so that's cool, at least.
other highlights of the day included:
'never trust italians' said to me by a different client.
spoiler: i'm SO italian in my DNA.
y'know what made me even MORE excited?
he definitely started the conversation by saying-
'i don't even need to see what you're drawing, i trust you'
i guess i just don't have that kind of untrustworthy italian face.
also, he followed it with:
'new haven is a sketchy sh!thole full of shady people'
shoutouts to my favorite connecticut city, and big ups to the world's best pizza.
the other best part?
when a sunburnt redheaded grumplestiltskin
didn't know i was inside the studio on my way out the door,
and said:
'ummmmmm, AMPERSAND TATTOO? okaayyyyyyyyyy,
like *that's* original.
dudes, what?
i mean, for real, though- whaaaaat???
i popped out and responded:
i thought it was pretty good name but i guess i don't know what's good
so i should probably go F* myself, right?
...ever seen a red-faced redhead get even redder?
surprise, lil bihhhhhh.
she tried to play it off with some pointless conversation.
it's cool, though.
we're not for everybody.
we make better art for better people,
and not everyone is good, let alone better than that.
heck, we've got pottyheads fartin' up our space on occasion,
so who knows what's going on, really?
not me, man.
it's all really happening.
the weird conversation, the weirder people,
the epic-level environmental hot heat,
the summertime boomfire for our faces;
never quiet, never soft.....

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