Monday, July 8


i did a cover-up,
and i only did two things wrong, guys.
i forgot to take a picture of the before image.
and i forgot to take a picture of the drawn-on boomfire rough draft
that i whipped up over it.
all i've got to show is the finished product,
and that's okay...because it's expert, and we all like that sort of thing.
don't we?
we DO.
check it out:

that's that DEMONICA LEWINSKY jauns, boi!
there was a reaper wizard conjuring flames under there.
my dude jess was like: do what you do, anything is better than what i have.
...which is true, but also,
if i can doo-doo something dope over some doo-doo buttery old tatty'boi poop?
i'm for sure gonna get expert with the sharpie marky-markers every time.
a six horned, four winged, tentacle chinny-chin-chinned tusked devil goat?
don't mind me, neighbors-
i'm just covering a wizard up with a summoned anti-angel from the pit and that.
AMPERSAND TATTOO is where the good stuff happens.
making tattooing fun in twenty nineteen is what's up.
if you want it, we've got it.
so come and get it, or don't...i'm not the boss of you;
never quiet, never soft.....

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