Monday, July 1


when john comes to town, he gets cooler tattoos than you.
i'm sorry, but it's the truth.
he literally sits down and says, do whatever comes to mind....
and a lotta tattooers would ask for direction,
or try to do some classy japan tattz,
or something from their sketchbook-
not me, neighbors.
i don;t even have a sketchbook.
but i do have one heck of a list of wanna-do's,
and i also have a marker or three,
and a bunch of creativity backed up,
which i don't normally need when i'm bammin' out those day-to-day
mortgage-payin' money tattz, y'feel me?
so when i CAN do the real sh!t?
the stuff that makes me LOOOOVE tattooing?
you KNOW i'm taking one-hunna-percent advantage of the situation.
that's f'really real.
this time, i did my favorite dinosaur,
dressed for vacationing in the place i understand the least:

a triceratops wearing tricera-crocs a la lake winnepesaukee second-homeowner.
F* yeah!
stop getting pinterest tattoos.
you're better than that, aren't you?
i think so.
get some fun tattz.
get some wild sh!t.
get into the big action and make everybody happier.
i believe in you.
i believe in me.
i believe in us.
i got you, boo-boo,
now get your butt over to AMPERSAND TATTOO
and skip the line by getting a tattoo that your artist actually likes.
everybody wins here;
never quiet, never soft.....

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