Tuesday, October 8


it's a broken heart for this broken autumn.

damn, dudes.
sometimes, when you're just out walking in the woodsly goodness
and your dog is raging around all fired up because he doesn't get enough exercise,
and for that matter neither do you,
and you feel like you haven't slept enough because really what the eff even is rest
especially after long hard nights that don't end or get brighter,
...and it's raining,
and you spent the whole cold dark wet morning filling bags on top of bags
with tons of stuff that you don't need, or want, or care about,
and they're loaded up for throwing out,
and you're emptied out and numb and you see a little green heart on the ground......
that's nice until you look closer and see it's broken already.
what i mean is:
peak foliage season doesn't look like it's coming this year.
there's no bright sprankley warm-hued maple exxxxplosion to send us into the ending.
it's just bad fade to worse fade to worst.
i see love but i'm looking at it wrong,
or i see leaves and attach value to my feelings because i'm too sensitive.
maybe both;
never quiet, never soft.....

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