Friday, November 30


black rice ramen.
it's still expert.
in fact, it's always expert. that's a thing.
and when you add it to a big ol' bucket of sweet and sour soup?
you're gonna be psyched from the fist nood to the last, spiciest one, for sure.
check the teleport:

too much is the right amount!!!
this is a F*ing tub of hottness, neighbors.
the soup is superheroic, for certain.
i mean, it's got:
1 T toasted sesame oil;
1/4 red onion, roughly chopped;
1 huge stalk of sliced celery;
discs cut from 1 peeled yellow carrot;
2 cloves of thick-sliced garlic;
1 italian long hot pepper, cut into rings;
6 peeled boiling onions;
1 cup sesame-oil seared purple baby brussels sprouts;
1 tsp ginger;
3 T rice wine vinegar;
3 T tamari;
2 tsp gluten-free bouillon;
2 cups water;
1/2 tsp ea. GPOP;
red pepper flakes;
a few shakes of coriander;
1/2 tsp sichuan peppercorns;
1 cup spinach;
3 T fresh cilantro;
1/2 cup cubed skin-on sweet potato;
2 T agave.
i mean, c'mon, that's some superstuffed overloaded supersoup, no?
ha. yeah, i know.
and it's served over shredded green AND purple cabbage.
and it's garnished with scallions, and cilantro, AND pea shoot sprankles.
yeeeeeeeeah!! i'm sayin', that's dope.
the noods only take four minutes and they're ready,
so really, all that's left if that molto boomfire tempeh, bro.
and it's a banger to be reckoned with, man.
i mean it.
1/2 block thick cut tempeh triangles,
simmered on medium heat in 1 cup water,
with hot smoked paprika, sriracha flakes, red pepper flakes, GPOP,
sesame oil, a spoonful of sugar, AND 2 T agave-
until all the liquid is absorbed,
then turned up to medium high while the sugars begin to caramelize.
they all need to be flipped around to brown up each side of each triangle,
and coated in two-tone sesame seed sprankles.
that's how you make it nicey-nice.

now, do you SEE any broth in that picture?
that's because it's so overloaded with awesome that the juice is F*ing buried.
word up.
if you aren't slurping a pail of power, you're just being lame.
i said it, and i mean it, too.
i'm ready for what's next.
next year.
this afternoon.
all of it.
it's never easy, but it's always necessary.
that's a fact.
if it were easy, it wouldn't mean sh!t,
and if it weren't a process of growth and performance-enhancing practices,
i wouldn't even bother myself with the banality of a beige bummer of a life.
i want that technical technicolor kaleidoscope of dopeness,
and all of that is always unfolding outward like rainbow rays of spirit and memory,
and i'm gonna go ahead and say it:
i'm grateful for the time i have been given to experience the hard styles
and the good times, the wild nights and the long days and all the in-betweens.
it's all really happening, always,
and i'm really ready to see what happens in the following little minutes;
never quiet, never soft.....

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