Sunday, January 9

fun-filled frenzy of freshness.

non-stop rockin',
made possible by time-takin' turdblasters.
that's the aftermath of a magical existence-anniversary weekend.
one little bitty birthday,
and all of a sudden a landslide of extra responsibility
is on the lap and laptops of all the really realness
in this adult world.
i've got it going on.
and on and on and on.
from the break-a break-a dawn.
but for serious, though-
it's been challenge after challenge.
no drama, no tears, no weak- sauce sorcery or
diaper-baby doo-doo butter,
but plenty of stuff.
stuff to do,
stuff to deal with,
stuff to stuff my whole life full of...
F* that noise, y'all.
sorry, senior life experiences-
i'm taking the night off, kids.
never quiet, never soft.....

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