Tuesday, January 4

good things in gooey and green.

i am gonna just say this the one time:
y'all minky little munch-mouths missed out.
the best part about school vacation?
no school, obviously.
the second best part?
when living it up in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress,
it is most assuredly the baked-up blops
of crusty and crisp, chewy, gooey goodness
that we know and love and call by it's proper name,
with all due respect and admiration:
broccoli bread!
that's one stuffed-up loaf of golden deliciousness.
don't believe me?
you're probably an A*-hole, then.
go wait in the car, or something.
really real mutha-uckas want some of THIS...
(the teleport can't handle this much hottness, neighbors)
c'mon. c'mon. C'MON!
have you ever seen something as sonuvab!tchin' dooooooooope?
if you answered yes,
you are a liar.
on the ones, duders,
the gooey kablooey goes to eleven.
my belly is full,
my tastebuds are happy,
and the vitamins are being absorbed.
it's all really happening,
and you missed it.
next double-b inoculation in february;
never quiet, never soft.....

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