Tuesday, January 4

goodbye, girls.

awwwwwww, man.
the first hard day of the new year.
i'm surprised it took THIS long to get here.
after an awesome breakfast,
the rest of the day was spent driving.
to massachussetts,
of all the god-forsaken sh!t-salad bowlfuls of lameness,
and then right back home again,
with minimal stops,
and minimal fun in between.
all so i could deliver my dearest darling daughters
to the depths of doo-doo buttery despair and drudgery
in weak-sauce waterbabyish connecticut.
i miss 'em already.
two more fantastic little ladies i've never met, duders.
i mean it,
and not just because they're made out of me, an' that.
and maple.
gone home to their other less Fortressy spot.
"epic bummer" doesn't even come close to describing
the level of artex-and-atreyu-style swamp-of-sadness-type
gloominess that's hanging over the heights of the white mountains
as a result.
for really real,
it's even cloudy and awful outside,
despite starting out turbo-sunny and excellent.
the house is ours again, though...
just in time for my birthday on friday.
so there's that to brighter-side an otherwise half-empty day.
long drives,
hard nights,
and cold weather.
it's all really happening,
with or without the
lightning-striking viking valkyrie vixens.
until their next vacation,
it's right back to the grind.
movie checks don't come for free, ninjas.
real talk;
never quiet, never soft.....

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