Sunday, September 9


AMPERSAND TATTOO is one year old!
that's right.
and we built it from the ground up-
from signing the lease on a bare blue bummer of an empty box,
to ordering and equipping all the broad strokes and tiny details to build
an extravagant and luxurious avocado dreamscape,
to a year's worth of work has already getting done within those walls.
i'm grateful for all of it.
the people i've met,
the tattoos i've zapped,
the opportunities to create beauty, and hone my craft, and pursue my purpose,
and most of all to scoople up all those stacks on stacks of movie-checkin' money.
this is IT.
from then until now,
and from now on, AMPERSAND TATTOO is where i'm at,
doing the right thing, doing my own thing, and doing the best i can.
it's a great feeling, a full year later,
to be able to say we've made the place into something to be proud of.
heck, we were even voted, by the people, as the 'best new business' in the valley.
that's somethin'.
it's not just MY thing.
there's a whole crew of folks involved in making it, and maintaining it,
and injecting positive energy and intentional inventiveness,
as well as well-placed invective,
awesome adjectives, good food, better conversation,
and of course, top-notch art....

that's what's good, guys.
expert olivey avocado guacamole greens, and golds,
like robert frost and ponyboy curtis and hamden, connecticut, and it's warrior poets;
with 2chainz and neil young all rolled into one....
and then about a billion skulls and roses and pumpkins tossed in to make it rad.
AMPERSAND TATTOO is one year old!!!
we built it up,
and you kept it going,
and now it's all really happening.
i don't have the words to express how fortunate i feel
to have the opportunity to make the magic happen every single day
in a space of my own design ad creation, creating and designing pictures,
for paper and people,
as my main source of social and fiscal interactive participation.
thank you, and you, and you and you and you in the back-
you know who you are-
never quiet, never soft.....

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