Saturday, September 8


holy smokes!
every day is a blur.
it's quicksilver lightning, it's mercurial fury,
it's a tempestuous maelstrom of ticking tocks and spinning clocks!
for those of y'all who're unaware of just where i've been off to-
allow me to illuminate the current state of events:
three happy young people, bright, beautiful, hearty, hale, and handsome,
have taken residency in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.
three MORE kids.
and with harvest and maple around, that's sometimes gonna be five kids.
that's a LOT of kids.
they go to school in my woodsly town, in a surreal happy-happy classroom scenario.
they sleep in little beds here.
they take little baths, and put on little jammies, and eat little breakfasts,
and do all the things you'd think a whole mess of little messmakers would do.....
it's wild, man.
like, for really real neighbors-
crabtree and i went from perpetual pantlessness to instructive intervention on behalf
of better behavior among the two girls and boy who want to wreak wreckage on
all the empty spaces and the few clean clutterless corners of this hallowed hall
of warrior poetry and active participation.....
yes, of course their mom is here too!
don't be dumb.
there's no words good enough to encompass the big action i've got bumping
around in my ironclad hot-fire furnace for that sweet thang.
no, i mean it.
she's the right person to push and pull me up and over the present day obstacles of
responsible adulthood, and give me all the reasons to evolve even more than the last six years
have already witnessed.
damn, dudes.
her name is breezy, but she's more like a hurricane, just like neil young sang about...
it's all good,
and together we're going full-steam ahead into a fresh new bold future.
i know y'all only really care about cakes and sh!t.
so here's a picture of a cake:

it's the same recipe as this one.
so, there you go.
i hope you're making treats, making love, making messes, making decisions,
making dinner, making plans.....
i hope you're making something.
that's important, and you are too.
i'm doing all that and then some, and in between,
i may have a spare moment to tell you about it, too.
never quiet, never soft.....

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