Monday, July 5

how do we go to eleven?

...with sweet claude's cookie tofutti, ninjas.
and cake.
and strawberries in simple sugar syrup.
why settle for just one or another?
the object, of course, is MORE.
THAT's how we counteract calorie-burning bike rides to town.
a sharp, sweet, sugar-spike after the fact.
replacing the burnt-up ones with a legion of new hottness.
back up your back ups, y'all, that's what's up.
how else can a night of righteous pyrotechnics
get taken up that extra notch?
i'm sayin'.
we had a whole spot all to ourselves-
perfect views,
clear avenues,
peace and quiet,
and all in the center of the village, too.
a crew of worthy real-life duders
enjoying the spectacle of america,
and it's congealed, corpulent constituent populace,
with a critical eye toward the furious, spurious congregators.
nobody even tried a little bit to hang out near us-
even with a gentle bow-tie,
and my flagship randonneuring bicycle,
complete with chrome fenders and copper calipers,
my accessibility was at an all-time low;
the smog-monster stench kept ALL the little kids away,
and everyone else, too.
just like we planned.
while the rest of the gape-faced mouth breathers
were waiting in line after line of post 'works traffic,
sippin' sodas and sweating with each swinelike step,
we were already home.
bikes, mutha-b!tches-
like late-night ninjas,
with no reflectors, and no rules.
a straight shot down the main streets-
drop handlebars and hard-styles;
i mean it.
bikes, neighbors.
bikes made it all possible.
you know it.
gas pedals down, platform pedals up.
it's the warrior's work week end again.
a lot of folks have today off, too.
but not us.
as usual,
i'm zappin'.
and tomorrow,
it's an all-day road warrior rogue road trip,
to 'assachussetts...
awwwww, man.
after independence day,
it's time to go pick up my two dependants:
the duo of daughterly dopeness,
harvest and maple,
are headed home to the woodsly goodness
for a Folk Life infusion of a better way of livin'.
the power of a powerful example, ninjas.
this is what's happening,
never quiet, never soft.....

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