Wednesday, July 14

nature wins.

hey, neighbors.
we experienced some epic nature-type business yesterday!
we got eyewitness firsthand views of some
evolution, transformation, starship troopers,
dinosaur-mutant sh!t.
we all saw it.
we were there, man.
a saw-clawed, chitinous, tank-creature popped out of the earth,
climbed up a tree, split his skin off of his body,
and got ready to rock fleeting week of sawmill serenades,
and the hardest of hard-style insect pounding.
i'm telling y'all-
cicadas are what's up.
after a seven-year underground itch,
broken mirrors or whatever notwithstanding,
our dirty, deep-earth duders are poppin' out in full force.
an armada of airborne battle-beasts, big as birds, an' that.
we've got a whole cannister of exoskeletal sheddings up here.
the trees are like laundry lines for godzilla-caliber,
deadly enemy monster skins.
hanging out to dry and that type of stuff, y'heard?
it was well-documented.
we saw it.
it happened.
it wasn't pretty,
but it was pretty flippin' awesome.
the right place,
the right time,
aligned and assigned a worthy, watchful reward,
courtesy of the secret universal community action planagram.
hold on to your cheeks,
a whole holy helluva lot of facemelting fury is headed your way;
check the teleport:
as big as my thumb, and breaking apart at the seams-
why's he blurry?
because he's making moves, mutha-b!tches...
no time to pose like a stylish babypants-
gotta get up a tree and sh!t.
bulging, backbursting, bug-blasting burliness.
there was throbbing too.
or pulsating.
some kind of awfulness, at any rate-
horrifying and fascinating, (mostly horrifying) at the same time.
duders, you KNOW that's gross.
like a double-shrimp land-creature or something.
and yet you KNOW we were lucky.
you wish you'd been here getting 'sgusted by this sh!t, huh?
just try and act like you wouldn't spray puke in every direction.
i'm just sayin'.
could it get any more disturbing?
...are those wings?
yep, they sure are.
c'mon. c'mon. C'MON.
my ninjas, believe me-
incredible. magical. 'sgusting.
and then they fly around afterwards.
nightmare city, mutha-lickas.
on the real.
there you have it.
new hottness, and old bustedness.
in Folk Life real world real-time.
nature wins;
never quiet, never soft.....

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