Tuesday, July 13

tea for the tiller-man.

more shoveling?
more planting?
more tilling?
more hard-style garden partying?
...of course.
more is the whole point.
and too much is the right amount.
we've got that.
and i've got two full-to-the-brim days ahead of me, y'all.
with my daughters, in the garden, making moves.
more moves.
for sure.
re-renting a tiller is on today's list of to-dos.
that means less lawn and more callouses,
and more flower power, to boot.
quality time is something to be appreciated.
especially since there's never enough of it.
did i mention the garden is shaped like a circle?
a righteous radius of spirit and memory.
a quality-time capsule/time-encapsulated capture-ring,
a net of networked earthworks,
a radical grassroots down'n'outpouring of roots and shoots,
a semi-secluded swath of serene scenery.
a natural amphitheater of amplified infinite natures.
y'know: ghost circles.
full of life,
surrounded by concentric life cycles.
beginnings, ends, middles.
i got that.
made with love, and with dirt.
me and these peoples i fly with, kids-
spirits and memories, an' that.
Folk my Life, b!tches.
tonight's a green elephant night.
that's right.
family dinner at the super-fancy vegan feast spot.
gluttonous asia-fusion sz'huanitude.
we doo-doo that soy-predator sh!t.
SO hard.
portland, maine.
with my friends and family.
after our gregarious gardening,
and hard-partying yardening.
long roads,
good times,
real life.
days off.
all good things;
never quiet, never soft.....
don't forget about
click it up and pop-out the hardest ones.
reissued o.g. t-shirt designs.
get a couple, immediately.

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