Saturday, July 17

on our way...

...home sweet home.
which is to say,
home is mostly where the house is.
and that's in northern new hampshire.
woodsly goodness cannot be replicated,
not with a forest full of charter oaks.
southern connecticut is still our destination.
neither very sweet nor especially our home.
a sour, sore-spot of bother, b!tchbags...
driving, and driving, and driving.
and when we're done driving?
wifely family-times.
sure to be big fun, y'heard?
with plenty of little kids who aren't related to me,
and their parents,
who aren't either.
at least my pop-in-law and his lovely wife,
Tom and Betty,
are hosting the gala event.
they're always up for making us all feel welcome.
...even in connecticut;
and even in the presence of little kids who aren't mine.
which, you can rest assured, is my most favoritest thing.
nothing says 'worth the trip from anywhere'
like a bunch of cake-faced shrieking miniature sports-fans.
at a cook-out.
with icy-cold beers a-flowin'.
and burgers an' sh!t. connecticut.
when we've filled our open hearts and minds with all of that,
until there isn't any extra room for anything else?
it's still even more driving,
to HAMDEN, mutha-b!tches.
that's taking it to eleven.
hard-style, 'hood-hittin', never quittin' ninja-town.
land of the narcoleptic brobdingnagian.
(that's the sleeping giant, suckas)
a bunch of other 'nother people and kids
who ARE made out of the same stuff as i am.
that's correct.
we're hitting up both sides of the aisle today.
that's actually a triple threat.
breakfast in the awesome,
lunch in old lyme,
and dinner in hamden.
remember your trigonometry, duders.
that sh!t is obtuse.
with families.
family reunions.
we're closing out the evening in my hometown.
after a whole day of dutiful, doting, daughterly dedication,
with heroic husbandly sauce on the side,
we'll reverse the proportions,
and then rest up for a return trip on sunday.
that's a whirlwind breakneck tornado visitation sensation.
and it's all really happening.
the car's packed,
the water-bottles are filled with the good stuff,
(the water in waterbabyville is weak sauce, remember?)
and the loud, fresh, hardness is headed home,
home away from home, that is;
never quiet, never soft.....

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