Sunday, July 18

sweat and tears.

...but no blood was shed, at least.
we're back in the supreme hottness, kids.
thirty-five hours of iron-will forged heavy-handed hammering,
2100 minutes of griddle-hot mettle bending,
126,000 grueling split-up seconds
of constitution-draining constitution state cavorting.
but really, who's counting?
oh yeah,
that includes eleven hours of cumulative car travel,
through ALL the mutha-b!tchin' suckiest parts.
you like it.
furious. ferocious. fresh.
relatively regular relatives, all friendly an' that,
combined with combustively chaotic temperatures
and hostile environments.
reunion business is big business.
coming back to see all the peoples?
that's good for you like chocolate and vitamins.
but it just HAD to be in connecticut.
that's like breaking back into prison to see your old cellmate.
it's never easy,
reppin' on that prodigal son sh!t.
i'm like that fish tale.
the one about the one that got away.
he's always bigger, better, and more beautiful
when he's not around to disprove the boasts.
no jokes down there, ninjas.
it's a hard style living in the lowlands.
us mountain folk aren't made for that kind of urban outfitting.
word up.
when in rome, or new haven,
you doo-doo like the doo-doo does:
we did manage to hit up mamoun's,
and a slice or seven at pepe's.
because we are not A*-holes, after all;
we're gluttons.
and we saw every-dang-body we could in the super short time
we were there,
and hit up all the necessary spots in short order.
because like i already told you,
we're not A*-holes.
we're gluttons.....for punishment.
that whole state is like a mish-mash of morrissey lyrics.
pick any line, from any song,
and i'm sure it applies,
right down to sunny sundays and cemeteries.
for your face.
oh, take it easy, ma.
(she reads this thing, neighbors)
i had a nice family visit in the south of hamden.
then we did our thing,
loaded up the car with so many extra treats,
and traipsed all up and over the weak sauce.
a swell swollen belly of broccoli and onion apizza helped a lot.
home is still where the house is.
and our Folk Life & Liberty Fortress was waiting for us.
there's nothing and no place like home, duders.
we're here.
it's all just happened,
and it all keeps doing it.
time flies,
traffic crawls,
blood, sweat, and tears flow.
families and sh!t;
never quiet, never soft.....

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