Sunday, April 28

dirty and greasy.

when you haven't seen your homies in a hot second,
you rely on the tried and true elite hamden warriors to come through
and deliver where the others just can't...
that's real.
the cucch is here.
my bestest one in the whole wide world always makes it better,
because he's a helping handful of supreme sharky gluttonous goodness.
when my main mango is repping fully-effective interactivity
and staying in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress with me for a little minute,
we take the super fresh dinnertime activation all the way to eleven.
no jokes,
i'm super proud of this one, y'all.
check the deep south teleport:
chick'n & waffles for your face.
fake-type beige poultry-inspired protein,
deep fried with doo-doo buttery blops of batter,
which was seasoned like straight-up sparkle-magical smoky-sweet
paprikafied alabamalama lusciousness!
we're pretty smart about getting real rad on some flavorful new hottness.
we added nutrients with some leafy jauns, for fiber an' things...
just sayin',
kale is good for you because it's green or some sh!t;
but especially because it's even more extra-dope
with garlic and shallots and olive oil (yeah, more oil, y'all).
and it tastes great sandwiched between those greasy fried slabs of delicious,
nestled on top of a crispy, corn-meal injected, maple-infused double buttery
atlanta-type filthy mutha-F*ing waffle, ninjas.
then, if you're not an A*-hole,
you slather a sloppy spoonful or two of homemade homestyle gravy
all up and over all of it all night long.
a from-scratch big batch of crackin' black peppery, sagey-and-thymey,
roux rockin' thick and sexy tan sauce, son!
i powered through three platefuls of this puissant palate-pleaser,
and barely even considered hating myself for it.
how can feeding my soul be bad,
even as it clouds my mind with grease-trapping?
soul food, ninjas.
oil-soaked and butter-topped and fat-bombed into the future.
word up.
good food becomes great food if enjoyed with worthy warrior brothers-in-arms.
my side-by-side soldierly comrades make my mealtimes matter a little more.
a side order of real talk, and some really real life, to go,
will always round out an all-the-way-live saturday night.
sundays are a hard style, kids.
nothing good ever happens when you're working
while the whole rest of the world takes a break.
it means i'm tattooing instead of being outside on this beautiful day, too.
awwwwwwwwwwww, man.
movie checks are never bad.
a grand don't come for free, kids;
never quiet, never soft.....

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