Tuesday, April 30


all april, all fool, all the time.
it's done for and so are we.
another 'nother month,
another 'nother calendar page,
and this time,
with almost nothing to show for it.
i mean, sure,
there were some awesome times that were had,
but in the end,
it's finished.
now i'm home all by my lonesome in a vacant and cavernous castle.
april fooled me into thinking that maybe things were looking up,
but instead,
we're headed back down.
plot-twists of  momentum-gathering widening spiral gyres, guys.
that's how we're sending this one into the annals.
i'm not gonna plunge into the icy abyss of despair just yet.
there's lots of life left in this place,
even if it's all pretty flippin' horrible at comeptent communication.
check the greenified re-pottery and root-ball-activated teleport:
new pots for weird trees and vines?
indeed, neighbors.
i love that there's so much room for expansion inside the sunny rooms
and seasonal site-specific vitamin D nourishing nooks of this place.
and my piney princess virginia finally got her sweet new
norFolk Life-type luxury apartment jauns engaged:
it's way bigger and way better and hopefully worthy of her honorary
XI-mas tree status as a part of our traditions here in the woodsly goodness.
deep and dirty for the taproot, and wide-rimmed for the future, friends.
i care about making sure that my air and atmosphere, in every sense, are expert.
what i have control over, i exert control over, in soft-palmed hammerfists;
each and every opportunity i seize, i try to dominate like a lord and master
of really real intentional active participatory power and sincerity.
it's harder than it looks.
some things merit the labor of love that creates them.
love seems to not be one of them.
there are always more orchids.
i don't really know why,
but it's become a sort of a thing.
they're so pretty, i can't even kind of help myself.
surrounded by beauty, by myself;
beholder and eyesore all at once.
guess where i'm sleeping tonight?
on a mutha-sh!tting hammock, y'all.
check the nature-style sunroom sleepover party-time hottness:
getting rad may be the only way to say goodbye to today.
there's magic mouthfuls of hopeful lucky words just waiting behind my lips,
preparing themselves to be spouted and shouted out loud later-
i'd like to swing my rope-burned back into mayday with a semi-levitated
suspended pronunciation, like a bag of magic beans awaiting giants.
it's unbelievably unlikely,
but it won't hurt one bit to hold my breath awaiting improbable outcomes.
i'm just hanging around, kids.
april's personal fool, a courtly jester,
courting an empty bed with wooing and cooing,
as affably laughable as ever before.
goodbye, april,
i won't miss you.
..........at all;
never quiet, never soft.....

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