Monday, September 2

belabor day.

i'm working.
that's how it always goes, y'know?
oh, don't worry, duders,
i've got a righteously unruly batch of unbelievably unimpressive
pictures to zip and zap and blast my way through for the duration.
am i feeling unenthusiastic?
don't be dumb.
underenthusiasm would be an upgrade from how i'm feeling.
in fact,
i'm deep in the throes of a full-blown poutypants fit.
it's a rainy thunderous flashflooding F*-fest of a day;
and while i'm glad it's gonna suck balls for all the beertarded
barbecutioners who were looking forward to another 'nother day off,
(yeah. i'm like that. so?)
i'd rather be washed away in a mudslide or swallowed in a sinkhole
than deal with the doo-doo butter of today's holidaily dose of
dastardly bastardized belligerence.
maybe it's just the failure of the sun to show up yet,
or the victory of cloudcover over dawn,
but it's a dark day in the woodsly goodness.
downright gloomy, really,
in the midst of a warm wet deluge,
and the delusional idea that maybe the weak sauce
will wash away with all the rain
has crossed my mind a couple times already.
hard styles, neighbors.
that's what we're on about this morning.
the sounds of this soaking shower put me to sleep sweetly,
but i woke up at early-surely o'clock and have been waiting all morning
for the moorings that anchor my Fortress to the mountains to rinse out,
and turn this castle into an ark.
i'm so ready to sail away.
a battlebeast battleship.
plundering and thundering and lightning-striking viking;
a barbarian blitzkrieg from the comfort of my own home.
nah, it's cool, kids-
i'm sure tattooing will be good too.
of course i'm joking.
what am i?
an A*-hole?
no way.
today is the day.
labor day.
and i'm laboring.
that's still a thing i guess.
i hope it stays dark forever,
i hope the worst isn't over;
never quiet, never soft.....

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