Thursday, September 5

the past/the future.

hey, friends.
it's that time of year.
the time when stores get overenthusiastic about stuff
that happens a decent ways away from right now.
normally, i hate that so hard.
i mean,
why skip what's all really happening right now,
and instead only focus on somedays in the fast-forwarded future?
that's not cool.
there's too much going on to disregard it.
there's one super elite exception,
and that's new englandy fall-season activation.
this northern bastion of autumnal predisposition is getting busy
with all kinds of early spice and color.
i don't eat pumpkin sh!t until october,
i don't go apple picking until the equinox.
i don't wear shoes until the fryeburg fair.
rules is rules.
but there is one thing i'll allow forever and ever.
buying up a bunch of expert hallowe'en jauns!!
because there is always always ALWAYS time for that.
and fabric gourds with faces are 100% dope at all times.
check the time-machine-type teleport:
that's what's up neighbors.
stay ugly, stay dope.
american primitive artistry in the modern age.
time travel.
that's good for you.
hallowe'en starts early in my house.
or, it never fully stops, anyway.
i'm just sayin',
it's a F*ing haunted castle.
so that's site-specific, and not timeline-aligned.
this Folk Life & Liberty Fortress exists in between then and now and later.
a temporal fugue of contemporaneous past and future.
overlapping circles never stop expanding and contracting.
it's kind of a thing.
and i also got a fossil.
i talked about it,
i thought about,
and then i just decided to also be about it.
i figure if i'm as futuristically primitive as i am,
i should be in possession of the most cutting edge
life form from the middle cambrian period of prehistory, y'know?
well, you're learning.
time travel.
recheck the time-machine-type teleport:
trilobite dynamite!
a petrifying fossilized dinosaur proto-lobster rock.
that's it.
i think there's a clever comment about the pressure of a crush
preserving you forever if it lasts long enough in there somewhere.
maybe that was it?
i don't know, but if you figure it out, tell me.
sometimes, i have a good day off,
with good people,
doing good things,
and catching good feelings.
there's no telling when that'll come back around again,
so the only option is to seize the opportunity,
and ride it all the way to tomorrow.
today is the day?
it always is.
yesterday was actually mostly good, though...
it's all time travel, y'all.
without the bitter, the sweet's just not as sweet;
never quiet, never soft.....

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