Friday, September 13


friday the thirteenth?
no problem.
i'm stepping on cracks and walking under ladders
and getting myself into all sorts of jinxy hijinks,
without fear of cosmic reprisals,
and without hope for a kinetic kismet connection.
oh, yeah.
i'm even breaking mirrors...
...and that's just by looking in them.
awwww, man!
umbrellas indoors,
and black cats,
and all that kind of danger-courting dumb stuff.....
there's overlaps and there's cultivated coincidences,
and there's the secrets of the interactive mysteries of really real life,
but superstitions are for stoopidheads.
...or are they?
here's the thing-
i'm repping a baker's dozen of dopeness today.
in every way.
thirteens are in effect, for this mutha-F*ing friday.
that's a thing.
you know what else is a thing?
running with scissors, into the craft cabinet.
i mean it.
unlucky or not, i'm semi-inspired to get a little bit busy with it...
paper dolls are dope,
but paper dudes are even doper.
check the pretty-patterned-snip-type teleport:
i've got pads of rad sh!t for clipping,
and glue for sticking,
and a drive to make some sort of stuff.
it's been too long,
so it's well nigh time.
friday the 13th,
an auspicious time to begin a new project.
today is the day;
never quiet, never soft.....

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