Saturday, September 14


what am i gonna do with a bunch of paper bearded weirdies?
i mean.
it's sort of fun killing time with a razor blade,
slashing the shapes out of printed, patterned, pretty paper.
and, yeah,
i like building little buddies to hang out in my house.
i've been doing that sh!t since forever.
it's just that i'm not sure what these duders are doing.
check the teleport:
ummm, yeah.
oh, i dunno, either.
i guess the jinxy jokes of this lonely, homely, homebound
friday the thirteenth made me get a little motivated to make-believe
a few new friends?
the thing of it is,
happy cardstock creatures don't serve much purpose without
a sense of place and purpose.
that means backgrounds, neighbors-
and i hate making up backdrops for my featured folk art to act out
their stories upon and within and what have you and whatnot.
it's just that i only really like the part where i create the imaginary people.
what they're all about is not my concern.
long nights,
hard styles,
and final answers.
i get all of those things.
there are fewer and fewer variables as coincidences get cultivated,
and as you remove the impossible,
whatever's left, no matter how improbable,
is the only available answer.
that's just great;
never quiet, never soft.....

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