Monday, September 9

breakfast baking in the evening...

it's becoming a thing.
like a thing thing.
afterhours after-party bakery times.
that's no jokes, you jealous jerks-
the fully-operational, highly functional, fancy
Folk Life & Liberty Fortress is currently playing host
to a twice-weekly refining and revising of the activated idealized
realization of a perfect nighttime scone situation.
that's real.
the best way to trisect a circle is into six slices of magical biscuit business.
no, really.
it is.
one batch of doughy dopeness,
divided into two thick discs of folded buttery scone batter,
triple cut and cold-cured in the freezer,
just so that a dirty dozen of elite sugar-coated treats can find their way
into the dreams of worthy woodsly warrior poets and princesses?
F*ing right.
and it all really happens in order for my morning to be totally expert.
toasted coconut, and top-secret brown sugar, and minced dried cranberries,
and mini-bitty tiny chocolaty chips all playing nice in the same flour-pot?
that's the way we do what we do,
when what we want to do is to do it right!
check the golden-compass-of-hottness-type teleport:
don't even act like you don't like it, neighbors,
i know y'all better than that.
if we're being really real, like with real talk an' that?
the fresh-out-of-the-oven jauns,
with molten chocolate and steam-burning moist flaky crumb,
and crystals of raw sugar trapping refractory temperatures,
were pretty mutha-F*ing great.
sure, morning scones are good,
but in-the-moment scones might be even better-
although that could be because i don't have to eat those alone.
i keep company with good people.
and we do good things....
good talks, good food, good times, good feelings.
that's the way it should be.
oh, yeah.
a friend is the only way to make sunday night baking worth it.
i'm just sayin'.
lucky for us,
and for all the scones that only exist because of her,
i have one who helps a whole lot these days.
...and she's really pretty rad.
that's the best part.
and the worst part.
this overlap is exactly what i need,
under inauspicious circumstances,
at the perfectly right and precisely wrong time.
i am grateful for the time i have been given,
and for the ones i span it alongside.
it's all really happening,
and i've got the good breakfast bits to prove it;
never quiet, never soft.....

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