Tuesday, September 10

tart tuesday?!

yeah, friends.
it's happening.
tart tuesday is back in full effect.
the first thing this morning,
i got all kinds of up and at 'em.
i mean it.
i activated some new chocolate-type pastry creme,
with two types of chocolate,
and a little freaky-diki citrus action all up in it too-
i'm all about those upgrade jauns,
so i hit it off with orange zest, and orange extract,
and even a splash or five of orange-F*ing-juice.
that's it.
and i cocoa'd a set of sixteen tartlet cups of graham crackery
chocolate cookie business with one big blarpity blop apiece.
no doubt.
i took the zest, and the juice, and the extract,
and i brought the orange frosting situation from fantasy to reality.
you know it.
just to make sure it went off the charts in new hottness?
like, y'know, to eleven...
yeah, neighbors,
i candied the sh!t outta some orange peels.
(and even i saved the infused syrup for iced teas an' that)
and once they cooled off,
i laid 'em out on top like sprankles.
and then i shaved some german chocolate dusties over all of that.
because my activation is not to be rivaled.
real talk.
a chocolate-orange-is-not-just-for-poor-people-at XI-mas-type teleport?
i GOT they!
check it:
so sexy for your eyes,
twice as sexy in your mouth.
believe it.
tart tuesday, kids.
no extraneous crap,
just tarts with all the futuristic loud, fresh, hard new hottness,
for your face.
that's it;
never quiet, never soft.....
entry #2112?

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