Thursday, September 5


raspberries can be delicious.
i'm pretty sure that's a thing.
at any rate,
i'm prepared to prepare them deliciously.
or die trying.
or probably just eat it anyway.
or something like that.
lucky for all of y'all,
the treats game is forever and ever elevated with the introduction
of my woodsly goodsly baked greats straight from the folds and wolds
that contain and conceal the Folk Life Laboratories test kitchen.
what i mean is:
i made another 'nother tasty little tart.
for serious.
red raspberries, obvi.
and vegan cream chee' and confectioners sugar
and a scoople of seedless raspberry jammie-jam,
a splash of vanilla and a squirt of agave,
and a slap of several starches (corn and tapioca) in one big pot!
we put the fire and explosions to it,
and then whisked into a smoothish, pinkish, elitist emulsion
of fruity tart-hearted hottness for our faces.
check the fluted-fruit-shoot-type teleport:
F*ing right.
pairing the pink with that extra-buttery graham crackery oaten crust?
painting a lattice of loveliness with that hint-of-lemony red razzledazzle drizzle?
i mean, sure,
it's really just jam and other jauns cooked down into a sauce,
but that sauce is perfect for glazing the grid on top of that sh!t.
why the added vanilla-lemon goobieblops haloed around the circumference,
like the fixed points along a concentrated epicenter of echoing infinity?
well, there's a couple good reasons for that neighbors:
one-too much is the right amount, and a little extra is exactly what we need;
two- i listen to my peoples because i'm an attentive friend and active participant,
and never just a writer/producer/actor/director/baker/barbarian.
what am i?
an A*-hole?
b!tch, i might be...
but not because i took two suggestions and added them together.
my main man the cucch said to glaze 'em up with that blaze of shiny sauce;
and my platonic atom-bomb amber said to put on a frosty frosting border;
and i said yes.
if one finishing move is expert,
then two takes it to eleven.
welcome to the future;
never quiet, never soft.....

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