Saturday, September 9


when you're one emptied-wallet's worth of deep into a project,
& that project has all the carefully considered deluxxxe new hottness,
& it's also called AMPERSAND TATTOO....
when you've micromanaged every damned detail,
& obsessed for hours over minutiae that many might never ever notice,
& gotten dirty, dusty, destitute, & downtrodden on the journey....
when all of that is really real and really happening,
y'can't just swing the doors wide & assume that just any ol' day will do the trick.
that'd be weak sauce, for sure.
it just so happens that the overlapping echoes
of the infinitely mysterious secret universal plan just happened to ven diagram a starburst
of serendipitous circumstance,
& aligned the big action with the most apt of events on the calendar.
i'm just sayin'-
what better day to open on than national ampersand day?!
that's a thing.
and it's our thing.
just one more small detail that needed to be considered,
got considered,
& was expert AF...
this is IT, neighbors.
your new friendly fresh-to-death fortress of full-figured forceful fiery flavor
is finally & ferociously in full-effin'-effect!!!!
look what's now a-poppin' in the woodsly goodness:





it reminds you of a giant avocado?!?!?
that's riiiIIiiight....
....& you know avocado costs EXTRA, b!tch!!
we're on that upscale luxurious exxxpensive sh!t.
& besides,
the tastiest of ladies all love guacamole,
so it's only fitting we dip 'em all in this elitest of elitists' GUAPamole, too.
that's what's up! is also a thing.
there's a phone number, too,
but i can pretty guarantee that email is going to be the best way to make appointments.
and yes, there's facebook, even though T.W.P.P.D. is your jauns tho.
i look forward to seeing you guys in the new space,
& i'm eagerly anticipating a whole new era of constructive, instructive,
insightful, delightful creation with you & me & nate & everyone we know.
it's all really finally actually happening,
and that's the whole damned point.
i'm grateful as F* and humbled as hell by the process and path this vision has taken me on;
never quiet, never soft.....

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