Wednesday, May 1


i know it, my ninjas-
rabbit rabbit activation is in order,
and i said the sh!t out of that doubled-down magic mutha-F*ing word!
real talk.
i spit hot fire in the form of an overenunciated bunny, twice.
and i'd better be having some good flippin' luck,
or it's back to snipping feet off of 'em,
instead of just conjuring cultivated coincidences out loud.
that's no joke, neighbors.
i'm not necessarily above severing the sinew of a red right ankle.
i'd prefer to speak the agreed upon ignition phrase,
and bask in the great glowing good fortune of a happy page of calendar jauns.
failing that, though,
it may be time to hurt them.
all the bunny heads, y'know?
sleight turn of phrase there, but it's good, if you get it.
it's the first of the month.
i said the spell, and refreshed the wards around the woodsly goodness
with mortar in the form of mantra.
we're ready for what's next.
in fact,
we're just ready,
and willing,
and occasionally able to interact like adults without tourettes.
of course, as always, i say we,
but i really just mean me.
(if you're faking it, you don't actually have it...thanks, bob)
today is the day,
the big debut of the merry merry month of may.
and yes, you totally may.
excited? should be.
you should check the teleport:
what's even flippin' better than a jar of sprankles?
a jar of mouse mummy!
maybe someday i'll have a brutal barbarian brace of coneys,
petrified and pendulous,
that i can channel all the skaldic spirits and memories of good fortune
into the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress with.
but until then,
my sleepy little mouse will have to stand in as official understudy
to the overlapping concentric circles of bold fate and weak sauce.
if you see a pair of preserved hares,
send 'em my way.
there's always room for the skin and bones of another dead body
in the empty rooms and hollow halls i dwell on things in...
i don't have a may pole.
(that's what she said?)
i do have a fire pit.
looks like a purification pyre is gonna have to do the trick.
may is for mushrooms,
may is for flowers,
may is for permission.
and it has been granted;
never quiet, never soft.....

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