Thursday, September 18


i've been trying this cool thing.
it's called "taking terrible photos of tattoos".
i'm getting pretty expert at it.
nothing is more disheartening in my day at work.
i mean it.
after tattblasting so many lame-A* jauns, day in, and day out,
for days and days on end,
taking a picture of some freehand stuff should be sort of fun.
no matter how confident i am about image quality, they always suck balls.
(yes, i DO check the shots while i'm taking them.)
i do cover-up tattoos.
almost every single day.
last week,
i did five cover-ups in six days.
that's no joke.
this week, i've only done one so far,
but i'm sure that'll change.
but enough of the mundane workings of my life and times at white mountain tattoo....
check the washed-out-because-i'm-washed-up-type teleport:
irish flag celtic knot tribal done at home?
not anymore.
now it's a skeleton king.
and in real life,
it actually looks pretty cool, neighbors.
there are even crystal shard things.
those are ioun stones, which you'd already knew if you' were in the know, yo....
that's why i don't take many photographs of what i do at work.
womp womp.
the trick is to really make the swollen parts look weak,
and the dark parts look overly contrasted.
subtleties don't translate to the technological null-zone that is my workspace.
that's a thing.
need a picture of a steampunk toy gun?
i got you, because we GOT they.
need a picture of a F*ing muffin?
we GOT they, too.
but tattbombs aren't cooperative.
it's as if life was trying to steer me in another direction.
secret universal plans probably get frustrated when they aren't heeded,
just like anything else.
spend a few hours making movie checks,
spend a few seconds ruining photos.
all i need to do to ruin a photo is appear in it.
i'm trying this out instead.
more today?
half sleeves and sacred geometry.
so many lines,
so much spirituality.
i might not be able to contain myself.
i might have to just eat cake and talk a little sh!t about b!tches and drink coffee.
that's the ticket.
harder styles and more of all of this.
today is the day;
never quiet, never soft.....

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