Monday, September 8

full moons.

it's SO bright out at night.
specifically the last couple of nights.
because of the giant glowing circle above us?
it's got all the magnetic ethereal lunatic-tock clock-rockin'
anybody could ever want, and then some.
i guess the moon knows that too much is the right amount,
and that's the way it's going up in the sky,
and it's going hard while it's at it.
my much-needed beauty sleep isn't hanging around,
in fact, it has essentially deserted  the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress,
plastic pieces and paint sure are picking up the slack.
i mean it.
i've been masking stuff into the wee small hours of the morning,
falling asleep with paint under my nails,
dreaming about rotary tools in a reciprocating cycle circulating around
my r.e.m. eyelids and polarized full-moon brainwaves.
i mean it.
weird nighttimes and angsty awakenings,
and pvc pipedreams with enough white dust to trigger an FAA body-cavity search.
what did i do first thing this morning?
start taping up some more sh!t, to repurpose into other other sh!t?
you know i did.
check the teleport:
that's right, guys.
wrappin' it up is important.
keeps all the bad parts where you want 'em.
it is surely necessary, if pretend-time maskin' is on the schedule.
and that's not all.
i'm also gonna start adding faux rivets to these jauns, too:
drippy-A* epoxy droplets to mimic that brass bastardry.
got to have those tubes lookin' expert.
after all,
no mechanical eldritch arm-armor is complete without weird pipes.
that's real.
a braced brace of bracketed bracers for me and my kids?
you know it.
the pistol prop i've been slowwwwwwwly producing still evades completion.
too many sidebars and time-fillers to focus fully on the flamethrowin' firearm.
i did scrape, tape, paint, rub, buff, peel, reveal and assemble the rear aerator.
whatever that is.
it's sorta see through!
which should be obvious,
and pretty flippin' cool.
alright, fine-
i'm a big nerdy old guy.
that's just great.
thanks for joining in, with that observation-
i know i feel better now.
fullest moons,
and wolfen wariness with wholehearted wild wiles,
all together make for some battle-beast bullsh!t all night,
and total fallible human weariness all dang day.
my lids are heavy,
and my hands are clumsy,
and i'll be outside grinding plastic as soon as the temperature warms up.
that's no joke.
once the chill of this mountainous realm lifts in favor of the sun's rays,
and the blue-lit spots of silver moon magic are erased again until tonight,
i'll be cross-legged and lame in the driveway,
doing what i do.
it's all really happening,
and it's all that there ever really is;
never quiet, never soft.....

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