Thursday, September 25

plasma-powered nerdcraft.

you need a plasma power-cell if you've got mechanical parts,
and you're a steampunk aetherqueen, or somethin', right?
i think that might be true.
here's what i know-
my daughter is gonna have an expert costume,
or, at least, expert parts of her costume,
courtesy of my big dumb old mangled strangler's hands.
that's a thing.
i had a day off yesterday.
i mostly just got crazy in the kitchen in the a.m.,
and crazy on the kitchen floor in the p.m.
no, i mean it-
sawing and slicing and gluing and painting and staining
all across the bamboo and the carpet.
what do i have to show for it?
i built a box.
big deal.
i based it on the bigger, better nerds out there in the universe,
who were kind enough to post pictures of their own plasma boxes.
neighbors, those guys take their st'punking very seriously.
like, rivets and leather and anvils an' sh!t.
i get it, but i'm not about to start tanning hides anytime soon....
without a plan, any know-how, and very few skills,
i skipped the hammer-and-nails carpentry altogether,
and super-doomsday ultimate-high-temperature-hot-glue-gunned all
the crafty wood i cut up for the occasion.
check the teleport:

pleather, old shredded craft leather, wire, rivets, a touch-up woodgrain marker,
tea lights, screws, beads, spools, a pin, brads, and some fancyish buttons.
that rubbed-down and buffed-up pvc 'boiler' on the bottom.
y'know- to generate the juice necessary to spark the plasma activation!
i'm just SO like that.
but seriously, just look a it:
i'm into it, kids.
wanna see more?
have a peek:
and this, too:
...aaaand that's what i did yesterday.
or what i completed, at any rate, among other crafty, yet unfinished, endeavors.
this stuff takes a while.
all the rivets and base coats and drilling,
and all the sanding, too.
so much sanding.
so much dust.
so much of all of it.
there's an awful lot of effort that goes into combat against awfulness.
tricky little situation that begets, i'll tell you hey-what.
back to the grind today, though, friends.
tattbombing away on all the big dumb dudes who love big dumb tattoos.
i s'pose that's not a bad thing, overall.
i mean,
c'mon, big dumb dudes spend big dumb movie checks on all their big dumbness.
so i guess i'm gonna half-full this one,
just this once,
and take ALL the money for ALL the zipzappin' crap on the schedule.
that's how it goes;
never quiet, never soft.....

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