Wednesday, September 24

pump' it up.

Perfect Fall Days.
those are what i want,
and that's what i'm chasing after.
check the teleport:
spanning time, even when there really isn't a single moment to spare,
that's called taking time out.
and we doo-doo that temporal epheme'reality.
hazy ghosts of the future, taking shape under cover of clouds and golden light.
the idea is that by redirecting our energy and ideas,
we have managed to making those stolen moments matter more.
that's a thing.
more pumpkins, even:
patchin' our way through the afternoons,
indian fooding our way through the evenings,
and crafting all kinds of artsy farting blasts through the darkest hours of the night.
it's all really happening.
that's the whole point.
i'm utilizing my time wisely.
i'm investing it.
this is the way things are supposed to be...
profitable in some way, regardless of the monetary influx or expenditure.
real life unfolds along the vines and lines of the gourd hordes we're gallivanting through;
never quiet, never soft.....

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