Thursday, September 18


legions and secret societies and royal orders and guilds.
oh, y'know-
just thinking about who would appreciate me.
no....not in real life.
really real life is always unfolding,
without mercy or remorse or conscience at all.
it just keeps happening, harder and faster and rougher.
that's not all there is out there.
the styles of daily developing ordure are our ordeal to deal with.
so while we're doo-dooing that responsible adult-style sh!t,
we might wanna put the imagination activation into effect.
that's it.
do you get it?
i'm talking about hallowe'en jauns.
backstory is always good for fleshing out ideas.
fictional accounts of that's a fact.
playing at playing pretend as hard as ever.
i mean it.
if you wanna play dress-up, you need to dress UP.
and that means gettin' super-fancily unnecessary in the details.
check the general-disappointment-yes-that's-a-pun-type-teleport:
because you gotta rep the order of st. cholmondley-on-pent!!
and don't forget the silesian cockatrice society!
jeeeeeeeez, i am a HUGE nerd.
i spent too long folding ribbons and hot gluing it yesterday.
a trip to portland, and several craft stores, fabric shops,
and a dirty bargain-bin-hole yielded up what i needed.
so many charms, and almost all of them on from the discard bins.
that's how you know you're getting that expert business.
secret stuffs are the best ones.
i'll be the highest-ranking imaginary steamcaptain,
and i'm pretty sure i'll also be by myself while it happens.
schedules are dumb.
and work is for suckers.
which makes me one unholy hellfire-furious dumb sucker.
i wonder if my daughter is excited?
i mean,
i made her eleven of her own other other medals and badges, too.
that's not all.
i'm on the lookout for two two-inch threaded brass grommets for her goggles.
y'gotta have the goggles, guys.
that's a rule.
i even got us some fancy magnifiers.
with the little bead-end upgrades on the ends?
i'm not gonna poop out on the little things.
i'm more of a ruining-the-big-picture guy.
i wish she and i were doing this together.
awwwww, man.
that's a high-pressure pipe-dream of the steampunkiest variety.
get it?
hard styles and sleepless nights and figuring it all out.
it's all really happening,
including the unreal, unrealistic, and surreal spans between daily doses of dolor;
never quiet, never soft.....

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