Monday, September 1

rabbit rabbbbittttt

the first of the month.
a last day, extra day-off long weekend finale.
americans are celebrating labor day,
by NOT working.
nomenclature is not invited to the barbecue, apparently.
they should maybe call it lazy day, then,
if sittin' and sippin' is all that's going on.
of course not.
don't be dumb....
i'll be at work, neighbors.
you know that's a thing.
it's what i do.
...and speaking of what i do-
another 'nother thing that today is all about is magic.
those magic words.
word, really, but twice in a row.
of course i woke up way too early after crashing out waaaay too late,
rules is rules,
what had to be first thing to sound out loud from my morning-breathy lips?
rabbit, rabbit!
i'm on it.
y'gotta be, unless you want that weak sh!t running rampant.
and because i'm summoning the spirits of cultivated coincidence to my house,
the woodsly is going extra heavy on the goodness.
that's right, kids.
the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress is a focal point for the loud fresh hardness
from now until november. even.
that sounds good to me,
we'll see what happens.
i'm starting this day with lots of nerding out before work.
that's real.
spark that teleport:
dips and dots;
sanding without eye protection;
epoxy fumigation;
and metalliv wax rubbing are the priorities before i shower.
there has to be progress.
there HAS to.
forward momentum will produce results,
but consideration and pondering and musing will not.
i'm just doing sh!t as hard as i can,
as much as i can,
and in as many different ways as i can.
it's all really happening,
and that's the whole point.
i'm doing that, too.
all day tatzappin' is going to try and halt my toy-gun prop jauns.
(it won't work)
belabor the obvious day.
that's what today is all about.
the first of the ninth of the fourteenth.
today is the one;
never quiet, never soft.....

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