Saturday, September 20

saturday is for cake.

i don't know about you guys,
but i'm in the mood for something expert.
that's a thing that has to happen today.
after all,
it's not warm out,
it's not sunny out,
it's not a lazy end of summer weekend for me at all...
so i've got to  have a treat to activate this day,
or it's all gonna go straight to sh!t from the jump-off.
what to do?
what. to. do. ???
no worries, my worthy warrior poets and powerful valkyrie vixens-
i'm on it, from the wee small crack-a-lack of the morning hours.
i'm sayin',
for those of us with flour and sugar and an oven,
the tools were already in place to achieve maximum success.
expertism on a saturday morning involves a pastry bag, neighbors.
believe it.
i learned something these last few days,
or else there might not've been anything to show for my efforts.
that's real.
strawberries are slippery.
too slippery.
first, check the teleport:
strawberry-filled brown sugar cream chee' cake,
cream chee' frosting,
strawberry frosty fresh highlights,
and color-match sprankles.
like i done already said.
...the thing is,
version one of this concoted confection took a digger,
and biffed it hard onto the floor.
and an ill-fated escape attempt by those berries in the middle
that ended in use of lethal force,
administered without remorse by the floor of the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.
this time i baked 'em into the batter,
and they were securely locked down tight.
that's right.
i learned something.
imagine that.
i've been fighting the good fight, kids.
trying to combat falling temperatures,
failing light,
post-summer-tourist-seasonal economic downturn,
costume creation,
book writing,
book reading,
working and working and worrrrrrrking,
and making all of that come together into one cohesive really real life.
a Folk Life.
one that makes sense.
it's very nearly autumn.
it's very nearly fair season.
it's all really happening,
and i'm doing whatever i have to, and then some,
to be a part of it.
this is it, today, and everyday.
more of all things,
and less time for the effort;
never quiet, never soft.....

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