Sunday, October 8


that's what you need, if what you need is raw power and big flavor for your face!
i doo-doo that freaky sh!t,
and i do it as hard as my little stove will allow for.
one gnarly grinder roll, toasted, formed the foundation of my big day breakfast 'guini.
if i thought that heroic hoagie bun was awesome on the eggplant,
i definitely had to recognize kind of hottness it still held the next morning.
good bread makes better people who make better sandwiches for better days.
that's real.
LOOK at this tasty mutha-'ucker:

half a block of tempeh, sliced into strips-
1/2 cup broth;
liquid smoke,
2 T olive oil;
1 T tamari;
2 T agave;
2 T molasses;
GPOP, black pepper, smoked paprika.
simmer simmer and stir-fry.
it boils, it absorbs, and it caramelizes,
and as long as you don't burn it,
you've just made wizard food in a pan, man!

heaps of red lettuce; a handful of shredded carrot; thin slices of fresh, juicy tomato;
and microgreens; a healthy slap-up smear of vegenaise;
and fresh-cracked sririacha pepper flake sprankles to turn it up to eleven!!
THAT'S how breakfast gets done right.
it's so simple, but it's so dope.
and it doesn't taste simple, nor look simple.
in fact,
it's a fancy BLT as far as that goes.
I LOVE sandwich week!!!
that's the truth.
today is the day.
the last one,
the finale.
the eighth consecutive sandwich exxxplosion for our faces.
too much is the right amount,
and these jauns have exemplified all the excessive and obsessive traits
that i so highly prize and praise in culinary creativity.
i do what i do, because i have to.
it's IN me, and needs to be let out, lest i bust a seam, and burst forth
with the full force of pent-up energy and inertia.
i go hard, so i don't erupt.
regular-A* people do weird-A* sh!t-
but worthy warrior poets do REAL-A* sh!t.
and i'm nothing if i'm not real.
eight days of sandwiches may seem silly to you,
but that's likely because you're a terrible and unimaginative person.
sorry, broski, but that's no joke.
i do what i like as enthusiastically as anybody else.
maybe a touch more, even.
ANYbody can be a spectator,
but it takes the willing mindfulness of active participation to turn ordinary days
into magical mystic mountains of monumental moments that matter.
and it can be as simple as making a special sandwich to start your morning, even.
we all decide our own level of involvement.
and we determine how to deal with the downsides, too.
on the ones,
people love to say inconsiderate things.
perhaps it's my own outspoken infinite nature that encourages that?
it's possible.
more often than not, however,
it seems that i'm exposed to the randomly launched slings and arrows
of others, after the fact, by proxy.
for future reference, guys:
if somebody said a rude thing about me, my studio, my work,
and this would be worse than any of those other things,
my food,
here's what i want you to do:
i can go on just fine pursuing higher levels of expertism
withOUT the distraction of detractors dour sourpuss defamation.
constructive criticism is always welcome,
but the thrice-removed bitter soundbites of my former associates can probably
go unrecorded with little to no negative side-effects.
and anyway,
i've got WORK to do, dudes-
seven damned days a week,
the way all dedicated motivated really-real pursuers of self-improvement do it,
and if you don't mind,
i'd much rather not have to pause and listen to the secondhand doo-doo-squits
and sh!t-sayin' sprayouts of people who have no direct connection to me.
i sort of regret that i even need to write that,
but seriously,
some folks come thru that smalltown gossipy noise,
i mean,
we're bigger than the types who waste their time with that, right?
so, there you have it.
one time, decreed, and done.
here's to moving ONWARDS and UPWARDS.
thanks in advance for cooperating.
rules is rules, man-
and violators will be karate-chopped from this point forward;
never quiet, never soft.....

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