Thursday, October 5


breakfast sandwiches are dope.
that's a thing.
and when i finally have five minutes to prepare one,
i usually make sure it's got the super-hottness on every level.
quick and dirty,
fresh and loud,
that's what morning sarnies are made of.
real talk.
check the teleport:

that's fresh-baked oven-toasted crusty crunchy crispy bread,
smeared with homemade hummus (heavy on the sumac, of course)
and laced with sriracha!
scallion sprankles were present an accounted for as well.
because rules is rules,
and sandwiches taste better with zesty little spritlzes, obvi.
LOOK at all that green chlorophyll-filled leafy freshness, too-
pea tendrils!!!
plus, purple carrots, because those are delicious
(although no more than average orange ones)
AND coconut-fried crispt thin-skinned exxxtra-firm tofu!!!!!!!
breakfast was poppin'!
and i ate the whole thing in like, six bites.
savoring is for suckers.
but shark-gluttony is where it's AT!!
sandwich week is a serious eight day investment.
no jokes.
y'gotta come out swinging,
and maintain that intensity for a full beatles week.
it's not impossible, it's just not the easiest thing.
even for warrior poets.
even for professional appreciators of taste.
even for active participants.
i do what i do because i love it.
and i do it hard because what the eff else would i do?
we get to decide where we put our time and energy.
i put mine on the stove,
and transfer it directly to my big fat mouth.
i'm nourishing mind and body at once,
and i'm making something worth writing about while i'm at it.
it's ALL really happening,
which is kind of  the F*ing point, man;
never quiet, never soft.....

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